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This isn't just a course; it's a transformational experience with marketing giants such as...

  • AJ Roberts, the genius behind multi-million dollar launches and a force in e-learning and direct response marketing shows us how to leverage AI to create tailor made follow up messages.
  • Mat Smith, the mastermind with a track record of generating over $600 Million in sales from Facebook ads in the home improvement niche breaks down the best practices that he uses to generate millions with Phonesites + Facebook ads.
  • Jason Hornung, the wizard who's the backbone of ad campaigns producing $20 million+ in profitable sales annually on Facebook teaches how to Craft Effective Facebook Ad Frameworks Using AI Prompted Offers.
  • Ryan Stewman, the entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mentor known for helping people become the most elite version of themselves gives 5 tangible and simple ways to generate leads & sales with social media and online efforts.
  • Steve Apodaca, an authoritative figure in team leadership, sales, and training (and current Manager of Operations at Phonesites) lays foundational pieces on how to effectively identify & cater to your target audience, grab and keep their attention.
  • Steve Apodaca, follows up his first session with ways to use Phonesites to maximize lead flow, site building tips, structuring compelling headlines, copy, lead magnets and calls to action.
    PLUS, exclusive bonus content:
  • 125 juicy marketing hooks, headlines, and funnel formats.
  • 4 exclusive, tailor-made website templates for leads.
  • Guest slide presentations.
  • Free Resources to help your content pop.

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