We are a team of professional designers, developers, and project managers with 20 years of experience in software.

You get access to our team of senior designers, software engineers, and project managers to build a product from scratch or augment your current team.

What we believe

There is only one reason not to build quality code with speed: not knowing how to do it!

At Bitboundaire, every project follows the best software engineering practices: clean code, clean architecture, DDD, coverage testing, and code reviews, ensuring that every feature or product is created using high-quality code.

Deadlines are hit, a result of consistent practice, honed over years of experience.

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The best pace

Don't be surprised if you receive weekly emails about new versions of your mobile application or if you realize new features in your web application daily.

Delivery for us is:
in production, with no bugs!

We believe in the culture of continuous delivery:
• Small parts integrated into production through automated processes.
• Allowing the clients to validate the deliveries.

How it works

We have 40 senior software engineers in our team and over 100 pre-selected tech talents.

Our software engineers have an average of 8 years of experience.

We guarantee at least 6 hours of work overlapping with your company's business hours.

Our average time to build an awesome team is 7 days.

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Why choose us

By choosing Bitboundaire, you can make decisions in a simple, easy, and fast way. You will have access to the best talent in the tech market since we have a strict selection policy.

There are no black boxes here: you get what you are expecting, and we'll earn your trust through constant communication on everything that is happening.

You'll get access to everything with one-click.

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If you got this far, go ahead and get started! Rest assured that we'll do our best to develop a strong and long relationship with you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

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