The Death of Paper Business Cards: What You Need to Know

Let’s be real. Handing out paper business cards can be awkward.

We all get one and wonder “how long do I have to look at this before I can put it in my pocket", (and later in the trash).

That’s right, 88% of paper cards get tossed within a week.

Digital business cards are a trend we’ll see more of in 2022 and beyond. It’s still very early to get in on this new tech.

With just a tap, you can use a digital card to share links to your contact info, social media profiles, website, accept payments, collect leads, etc., pretty much anything digital...

With a digital business card, you can.....

- Collect contact information.

- Automatically follow up and connect to your CRM.

- Track, measure, and close all leads in one place.

- "Add to Contacts" feature puts you inside their phone as a contact.

And for those who like to make a great first impression. These have a “Wow” factor when meeting new connections.

If you're an agency or work in marketing in any capacity, let’s explore how you can stay ahead of the curve with this emerging tech.

How does a digital business card work?

These cards are super easy to use and incredibly fast. Anyone who owns a smartphone with NFC built-in can scan your card just by bringing their phone near your card (think tap to pay with your credit card)

There’s no need to take out your phone, open an app, or type any information. You just tap, and it’s done.

You can also use these cards to trigger your digital profile. Which can contain pretty much anything that is relevant to you, your business, or offer.

Benefits of a digital profile?

By riding this new wave, you have an opportunity to stand out from others in your industry:

  • First impression gets attention

  • Digital profile keeps the attention

  • Easily explains your product or service clearly

  • Helps close more sales - capture and nurture data

  • Higher client retention rates

Get Inside Their Phone

Here’s a unique benefit you can’t do with paper. You can configure what is called a VCF or Vcard. This is a link that contains all your personal info, photo, number, etc.

When clicked, the person will automatically be given the option to “add to contacts” on their phone.

Now, why is that important? Well, it’s not going in the trash like a business card for one...

But the real benefit, instead of saying “unknown contact” when you call or text. It now shows your name, photo, and info. Giving you a much higher likelihood of getting a response.

Track the immeasurable (until now)?

There was almost nothing you could do to track the effectiveness of those paper business cards.

With digital, you get the added benefit of being able to track your leads and connect with people who viewed your card.

You can see how often it was used, how many leads have been collected, and ultimately how many deals were closed.

Tracking all the way back to the source of first contact.

Networking on steroids.

First impressions matter. In a sea of meeting person after person, you need to find ways to stand out.

You can wear a green suit that will make you stand out. But will it create the impression you are after?

Not only does a digital business card make you stand out, but it also positions you as forward-facing in the digital age.

Spoiler alert, here's how it typically will go...

“Oh wow, how does this work? Oh that’s soooooo cool. So now I just add you to my contacts, ok done. Now I send you my info back, ok done...

Ok now, let me ask you, how do I get one of these?”

The 3C Method

There is a highly effective method to connect and close more deals with this new tech.

This method has been rigorously tested and fine-tuned over the past 2 years.

Today, we have a free presentation for you on how to use digital business cards in your business and use the 3C method to close more deals.

Connect - Capture - Close

Watch the training here

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