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4 useful ways to solve problems for others

A Creative Approach to Entrepreneurship: 4 useful ways to solve other's problems and in turn, solve your own!

The word "Entrepreneurship" has been bastardized over time and it obviously means different things to different people, but if you'd like a simple way to define it and bring some noble luster back to the word it can be summed up like this:

"Getting paid to solve problems."

When you solve a problem (or set of problems) the byproduct is what most would consider "success".

The problem with a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs however, is that they either don't know which problems to solve or they know of a problem (and want to solve it), but just haven't figured out how to do that yet.

So, in the good name of "problem solving" it's my turn to help you help others solve their problems, and in return help yourself.

1. Find a niche or three and DRILL!

Scenario; We go into business together and dump our family fortunes into opening up a bikini shop. I tell you that I want to open in Alaska, because NOBODY else is doing it there, which means the market is wide open. 

Hopefully, you look at me like I'm purple...

The alternative is that I suggest we open up in Miami. You'd probably have a lot more enthusiasm, even if there is already competition in the area.

The reason I give that example is because you need to find a hungry audience and provide a solution to a pain point they have and either can't fix, or can, but aren't up to doing the work themselves. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what having a magic wand would do for those pain points, then get to work on solving it.

When you can provide a solution to their problems now you've got something they want and need.

In Alaska there are less needs for bikinis, so less problems to solve. Your store wont get much traffic no matter what you tell them.

In Miami more people will have less clothes on and have more of a need for that type of attire. Now you've got a fighting chance if you can stand out from the other bikini shops.

2. Talk to your niche directly...but indirectly.


Within your niches are people with real problems that can cause real pain.

For example, in the life & health insurance market there are people who have difficulty getting coverage or have high premium due to risk factors.

In industries like car sales & real estate there are buyers who have income or credit issues.

Speak to those people and let them know you have a solution to whatever is keeping them from hitting their goals:

"Know of anyone having trouble getting life insurance, because of diabetes? We've got day 1 coverage option that won't break the bank nor require a blood exam. Let us give you peace of mind, today."

"How many people have trouble buying a home because they don't have the best credit? We have lenders that don't punish you for past mistakes. Get pre-qualified now!"

There are also niches where the hot button may be motivational, rather than painful;

Selling high end purses and bags? Not every person is into that nor has the discretionary income to place that at the top of the priority list, but there IS a market for those items, so think about what type of person is shopping for those items and speak to them about your alternative solution.

"Tired of fighting Karen to get your favorite Louis? Flaunt your sass, but skip the drama by getting the newest and most unique handbags from our online store!"

What about business owners? Don't they want to "save time" "save money" "expand" "get more leads" and "obtain freedom"?

What can you provide them in order to help ease their burden and make those things happen?

"Save 15 hours per week on daunting admin tasks by letting our experts take care of it. You focus on what you do best and we'll handle the light work."

3. Become a master of those 2-4 niches through imperfect action:

Remember, the only reason people give you a chance to solve their problem is because you told them you had a solution.

Realistically, the only ones who have solutions are the ones who have the experience in dealing with those solutions. I know it's silly and cliche to say that just because someone reads a book on how to ride a bike doesn't mean that they know 1,000% what to do once they start pedaling. 

Fact of the matter is you still need to get a feel for the bike before you'll have confidence in riding it.

So, as you put yourself out there as the expert you're gaining wisdom and knowledge that will make you a master of your craft who…

  • Mastered the steps it takes to accomplish the mission
  • Mastered the basics & fundamentals
  • Mastered the outcomes
  • Mastered how to overcome possible objections
  • Mastered the products or services that it takes to get results
  • Mastered working the numbers it'll take to become predictable

Despite the feeling like there's a lot going on don't let those things deter you, because you can still control your actions and attitude.

There's ample evidence of people who run circles around "gurus" by sheer work ethic alone, so as long as you do what it takes to win then you'll get what winners get.

4. Get a good vehicle to deliver your message and capture data (aka "LEADS"), then deliver results:

If you found the cure to cancer how would you deliver your message? Upon delivering your message to the masses do you think you could get absolutely wealthy in return? 

You see? Win/win!!

You help enough people and you'll be helped in return. Pretty simple concept, except...

"How do I deliver my message, Steve?"

Well, how do you get from New York to Los Angeles? You find a vehicle!

Consider a vehicle like Phonesites to be like a Gulfstream G700 in this case - Quick, sleek, easy on the mind, extremely convenient and you'll smile the whole way! Only, it's at a fraction of a fraction of what you would assume is the going rate for such vehicle.

In a matter of minutes you'll be able to create things like:

- Landing pages to educate

- Opt in pages to lead people towards making good decisions with you

- Digital business cards to instantly exchange info and seriously impress your clients

- Make announcements for things like open house showings, listings, new interest rate changes, birthday parties, wedding registries, training platforms, etc…

- Captivating Ad-copy with the help of a super smart AI writer

...and so much more!

What I appreciate the most is that 9/10 times I use the software to build content I do it from my phone, and never had to download an app. me there's even more, but I'll let you make up your own mind if you'd like to test drive it, as Phonesites allows a free trial or a 30 day trial for $1.

Point being is that now your trip across the country doesn't have to be long, slow,  expensive or treacherous when you have the right vehicle.

There you have it!

A simple and practical recipe to help you accelerate your chances at winning in business.

Tear it up, champions!

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