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Being great in ALL areas

Amazing things happen when you take ownership of all facets of your life.

For as long as I can remember, I was primarily focused on being a spiritual man of God, and that was it. (Obviously, nothing wrong with that!)

However, being spiritual yet broke was not only uninspiring; it also affected other areas of my life! Don't get me wrong, money is at the bottom of the totem pole of importance to gaining salvation. Still, the fact is; money makes the modern world go round and is most likely the one thing that most people would say is their most significant problem/challenge. (Don't believe me? Ask 100 random people in your contact list what their biggest struggle is...)

To me, money is a tool and a magnifier of who a person really is inside;

If someone's a piece of crap when they're broke, they'll most likely be a piece of crap once they're rich.

Supposing someone is pure and genuine when they are broke, they most likely won't lose themselves along the way. (So long as they don't forget their moral, legal & ethical core values.)

The other thing (to me) is that money also equals freedom. Freedom of what? Freedom of time, freedom of choice, and mind space free of negativity. Imagine waking up and consciously deciding what YOU want to do and not making your decisions based on the balance in your bank account. Imagine making whatever decision you want to make and not facing negative consequences.

I don't mean that in the sense of deciding to do nothing with your life, living in mediocrity, or drifting into laziness; What I mean is that when you don't HAVE to think about money, you have the headspace to think and act on important matters!

Imagine not being stuck behind a desk for 50 hours a week and fighting traffic for another 10. Being able to spend extra time with your family and closest circle of influence; serving, providing value, guiding & mentoring them.

People say that they want to serve their fellow man yet, have little to no time/finances to do so...

When you're limited, whether it be limited beliefs, limited mindset, limited finances, limited time, whatever...then the scales of justice will always be imbalanced, and you're left accepting whatever sliver is left over.

In order to tip those scales, you need equal balance...and I don't mean balance like work-life balance, I mean that you need to be in top shape in ALLLL areas of your life:




Maritally (probably not even a word lol)

AND financially

Being great in one or two areas yet slacking off in the others is a massive imbalance. It's what causes the inconsistencies, the lack of discipline, the lack of motivation and inspiration.

Don't aim to be rich yet have your loved ones hate you.

Don't aim just to be in shape, yet have a mind putting negativity into the world.

Don't just be a spiritual person yet unable to help others in need.

Don't be a good spouse/parent on the outside, yet inside, you criticize and beat yourself up in bouts of guilt.

And don't just have a good mindset, but have deteriorating health that makes you ineffective.

Be great in all areas!

I've found that it IS possible to do so... I've been around others who aren't perfect by any stretch, yet they strive for perfection and fall short at excellence and have undeniable results - spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

I've experienced these things on my own level, and it's a very fulfilling & rewarding experience. I wish for nothing but phenomenal results for you all as well.

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