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How to Use Memes to Generate Business

By combining the right words with the right pictures, we can create an irresistible offer. 

That's what I did when I started using memes and Facebook and Instagram posts and stories to generate business for myself and my clients. 

While it may seem simple, choosing the right combination of humor and business appropriateness can be challenging, and getting this balance wrong can prove fatal to business relationships. 

I was able to leverage humor, industry information, and colloquial internet slang to magnetize prospects to me.

Here are some tips on using memes and Facebook posts to generate business:

- Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to post your memes. This ensures that your target audience will see them.

- Make sure that the text accompanying your meme is relevant to your business. You want people to understand what you're offering and why they should care.

- Keep it lighthearted and fun. The whole point of using memes is to add a bit of levity to your marketing efforts. 

If you come across as too serious, you'll lose people's attention.

By following these tips, you can start using memes and Facebook posts to generate business for yourself or your clients. 

Just remember to have fun with it and keep the balance between humor and business appropriateness in mind.

What are some other social media platforms that you could use to post your memes?

What are some other ways that you can add levity to your marketing efforts?

Can you think of any examples of businesses that have done a good job with using humor in their marketing?

Leave a comment and let us know if you’ve tried meme marketing and how it’s worked for you, or if you’d like to try it.

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