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Personality types and how to identify & relate to them

If you're new to sales and like getting better at your craft, then pull up a chair.

If you're seasoned, you may have had this training or a similar variation of it (there are quite a few)...this is just the system I learned.

Lots to take in here, so if you're not a reader, then I guess you might miss out on a nugget or three.

That said;

I assume the majority of us already at least understand that "people buy you and not your products." 

You can have the most impressive products on the planet, but if you lack people skills, then you either won't go very far, or you will have to exhort way more energy to achieve the same results as somebody who may have less technical skills, but has great people & closing skills.

So, I'd like to shine a light on how to identify personalities, so when you're interacting with ALL people, you can act accordingly and be the tone-setter.

Two quotes to lay the foundation:

1. "Know your audience."

2. "Birds like worms and people like ice cream."

There are four basic types of traits/characteristics/personalities that we all possess. (We typically have 2 of them that are stronger, with the other two that are less prevalent to us):

1. "S-type" - S stands for "Security/Structure"

Things that S types like:

Agendas, commitment, time schedules, guarantees, credibility, longevity, safety and security, defined rolls, perfection, and preparedness. They have perfect lines in the carpet when they vacuum, wall pictures are perfectly aligned, their dishes in the cupboard are immaculately situated and their closets are most likely grouped in colors, styles or day of the week.

Things they dislike:

Clutter, disobedience, surprises, risk, messes, change, uncertainty, no direction, not following the rules, spontaneousness

What attracts S types to go into business is financial stability, integrity of their company, and ownership. They like free training, lots of 1 on 1 time with the trainer, low cost of startup with low-risk, turn-key systems with little to no fees, support systems in place, and the ability to work part-time with side hustles.

Regarding tasks, S types prefer planning, organizing, filing, keeping up with compliance, procedures, guidelines, and administrative details. They're reliable when happy, so these are the people you want running your office, SOP, and in charge of support & compliance.

When selling to S types, use the words "safe, secure, longevity, consistent, trustworthy, etc..." and be prepared to show the proof.

2. "T-type" - T stands for "Theory."

Things that T types like:

Philosophy, computers, teaching, statistics & numbers, science fiction, facts, quality, research, logic & reason, concepts, asks lots of questions, sees things from different perspectives & angles.

Things they dislike:

Repetition, stupidity, incompetence, drama, illogical or irrational people, exaggeration, tangents, indecisiveness and wasting time.

What attracts T types into business are problem solving, numbers, getting paid to educate others, knowing versus guessing about their products/services, knowing how to manage money, diversification and options. What keeps them going is the knowledge that markets everywhere are huge, but the market share is small; therefore the massive income potential is an indisputable fact. So just run the numbers, map out the game plan and execute!

Regarding tasks, T types prefer learning, teaching, presenting, giving a different perspective, getting certified and tuning numbers. These are the people who you want to be in control of technology, strategy and to be a resource of information insight.

T types tend to dress in khakis & plaid or striped shirts that are tucked in. When selling to T types, you should use a brochure with charts, visuals and concepts because numbers and logic are what cause them to buy.

3. "A-type" - A is ooooobviously for "Action."

Things that A types like:

Freedom, money, competition, winning, fast cars, parties, recognition, sports, change, being the center of attention, racing, loud music, entertainment...

Things they dislike:

Rules, waiting, cleaning, planning, being told what to do, paperwork, being on time, meetings, preparing, authority, organization, routines and emotions.

What attracts A types into business is freedom of choice, unlimited income potential, a chance to compete and win, recognition, there's no discrimination, and a possible crusade....They have the mentality that they always had the right fuel but were never in the right vehicle. Big vision and big goals are what keep them motivated.

When it comes to tasks, A types prefer leading from the front, talking to people, setting the tone and culture for the organization, competing, and marketing. These are the people in your business that you want to be in charge of marketing, recognition & branding (if they've got good core values.) They're your hype man and the rabbit that everyone chases.

For A types, the house might be unorganized or even possibly dirty. For example, in the driveway, you may see an SUV, sports, or muscle car, and the inside might be full of fast food bags, wrappers, and soda cans everywhere. (I've been guilty myself.) Their appearance, however, may be flashy or dapper. When you speak to them, they may be witty and full of jokes with an overbearing tone, but they won't care because it's authentic.

4. "R-types" - R stands for "Relationship."

Things that R types like:

Affection, animals, serving, being the mediator, romance, harmony, unity, charity, snuggling, babies, crying, cooking, long intimate conversations and volunteering.

Things they dislike:

Conflict, confrontation, rejection, violence, anger, oppression, suffering, hostility, unthoughtfulness, criticism, solitude.

What attracts R types into business is purpose, helping others, fulfilling a need, changing people's lives, low pressure and no quotas, making friendships and partnering with others. The desire to do something great and special and to be able to change the world is what keeps them going.

Regarding tasks, R types prefer networking, setting up events, assisting others, partnering, and setting a positive culture and environment for the business. These are the people who you want to be in charge of your team potlucks, customer service departments, and charity.

R types are pretty quickly identifiable. They like to make good first impressions. They're usually color-coordinated and wear accessories to accent their outfits. (Look for bright colors or flowery patterns.) Pictures will be all over the place at the house, with family members and animals in them. They love to bake and will always offer you a drink when you come over!

When you learn your audience and their behaviors (by observation and asking the right questions), it increases your chances of building rapport and relationships, and we all know that the more people we help, the more we get helped.

Feed people ice cream, and they'll love you! Try to give them worms, and what happens? What about giving birds ice cream? Don't bet on it getting eaten...

Tear it up, champions!

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